Strategic Plan 2016-2019

Build and Strengthen Key Partnerships

Identify key strategic partnerships at the local, provincial and federal levels.

Strengthen understanding of the Nurse Practitioner-Led primary care model by our key community partners and the general public through a variety of educational and outreach strategies.

Foster collaboration with local health and social service partners that will contribute to the overall quality and integration of primary care services for our clients and to identify gaps in services and programming.

Create and strengthen partnerships to deliver innovative, collaborative health care programming for our clients.

Revitalize the Community Advisory Committee by updating the membership and Terms of Reference and resuming regular meetings to gain input into our programming from community partners.

Forge a new relationship with VON Canada which recognizes the strengths and contributions of both organizations as the NPLC moves towards increased community-based accountability and governance.

Create strategic partnerships with local health care system partners to articulate the needs of our primary client populations and to foster understanding of the NPLC model of care and our contributions in the local health system context.

Identify and engage in opportunities at the municipal government level to articulate the NPLC model of care and the work we are doing in the community, with a particular focus on policies and services most affecting our primary client populations such as social services and local housing initiatives.

Identify and engage in opportunities at the provincial level to articulate the NPLC model and the work we are doing in our community, with a particular focus on fostering strong relationships with our local Member of Provincial Parliament; with the Ministry of Health and Long-term Care; with the Central East Local Health Integration Network; and with other ministries and agencies relevant to our vision and mission.

Identify and engage in opportunities at the federal level to articulate the NPLC model and the work we are doing in our community, with a particular focus on liaising with our local Member of Parliament around issues most affecting our clients such as housing.

Strengthen Access to Integrated Primary Care Services

Continue to provide access to quality innovative primary care services for unattached residents of Peterborough City and County by registering patients to the clinic and working towards eliminating the waiting list.

Continue to create and develop a healthy supportive workplace culture which promotes staff wellness.

Create a clinic-wide culture of ongoing evaluation of our programs and services, including health promotion and disease prevention programs.

Develop accessible programming that meets the identified needs of our clients, including innovative outreach models of care.

Increase our capacity to identify and promote health equity in all clinic services and programs.
Foster meaningful interdisciplinary team collaboration to provide coordinated continuity of care for our clients through the ongoing development of infrastructure that supports communication and accountability to one another.

Explore accessible scheduling options for all disciplines, ensuring a balance between accessibility for clients and ability for staff to balance the demands of direct and indirect client care.

Explore options for reorganizing and increasing physical space at the clinic site to maximize efficiency of workflow and conduciveness for staff to complete their work.

Explore ways to address unmet needs of our clients by advocating for:

  • Restoration of Registered Dietitian hours to 0.5 FTE;
  • Restoration of Social Worker positions to 2.0 FTE;
  • A System Navigator to assist our clients to gain access to health and social service systems which are often bewildering and inaccessible;
  • A Chiropodist or other foot care provider;
  • A Health Promoter dedicated to addressing determinants of health issues impeding equal opportunity to be healthy for all clients.

Work Upstream to Address Community Health Needs

Demonstrate strong leadership in the area of primary care for people whose health is compromised by poor access to the determinants of health.

Explore the primary care needs of unattached residents living outside the City of Peterborough, particularly in rural areas.

Increase our capacity to address the impact of poor access to the determinants of health for our clients, recognizing that our community’s social fabric includes higher than average unemployment, limited affordable housing options, poverty and precarious low wage employment.

Commit to developing new and innovative partnerships to ensure the clinic has ongoing strategies in place to monitor new and emerging community needs.

Seek out opportunities to contribute to increasing community capacity to address access to the determinants of health.

Explore strategic collaborations to identify and address population health needs of residents of Peterborough City and County.

Anticipate the impact on the clinic and our clients of policy and legislative changes and develop strategies to address those impacts from a determinants of health lens.